First Mind


Released: 12 May, 2014
Label: Fiction Records

Track Listing:

1. First Mind
2. Fever To The Form
3. April
4. Juramidam
5. Cucurucu
6. Ailsa Craig
7. Meet Me There
8. Nitrous
9. Venus
10. I Don't Want To Go Home
11. The Trellis
12. The World To Me


What This Album Means To Me

I was so excited to release this album. Back in 2014 after touring with a couple of albums as a part of PQ, now I was releasing my solo debut and I had a really good feeling about it. Dan Carey produced First Mind in his south London studio and it was my first release on a major label. It was nominated for a Mercury Music Award for Album of The Year and it changed the course of my life. It launched everything and took me all over the World. I have been deeply touched by the role my music plays in people's most tender moments and interior lives and I know these songs are played at births, weddings, funerals and more and I feel privileged to be a part of this deep human experience with others.


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