New Mythology


Released: 10 June, 2022
Label: Fiction Records

Track Listing:

1. A Prayer Of My Own
2. Star Nation
3. Mecca
4. Brother To You
5. Shores of Mona
6. The Gift7Sea Inside (Third Way)
8. Causes
9. Another Way To Be
10. Mona
11. Interbeing Part 1
12. Begin Again (Love You Just The Same)
13. Star Nation (Acoustic)


What This Album Means To Me

While the world was locking down in 2020 I was writing this album and came across the work of producer Renaud Letang in Paris at the legendary Ferber studios. Between lockdowns we managed to record these tracks. In some moments, he was more like a basketball coach, training me up and conditioning my muscles. I had been changing nappies for a couple of years and here I encountered the high standards and professionalism of Renaud and it taught me so much. He taught me that when you take care with rhythm, timing, pitching and tuning then more energy, more life force, can flow through the recordings. I think this is evident when you hear the energy shining through these songs and I was very grateful to Renaud for the teaching and hard work on this album.


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